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Winter Solstice Dry Skin Promotion Discount Self Care Challenge

#WinningWinter Self-Care Promo and Challenge!

I’ve come to love winter especially since moving up into the mountains – the gifts of fire side chats, the nip of cool air, the cuddles, the slow rhythms of garden and household life. But I’ve also noticed how quickly I’ll trade my good self-care habits for Netflix and hot chocolate under the covers! (Not that that’s all bad). I used to be a coldblooded, solar powered Durban girl, so this learning to love Winter has it’s ups and downs – especially after moving to the coldest part of the country to grow herbs in the crisp mountain air! I’ve been challenging myself to enjoy winter and all the seasons for the full depth of their lessons, to align my life more rhythmically to the seasons, while still keeping up my self-care and beauty routines!

This year I have something special for our Bliss Tribe, a double gift of the season. First, because we like to lather on Bliss Balm thick to deal with the chapped lips, dry flaky skin and wind burnt cheeks – we’re giving everyone a 21% discount sitewide till 21 June. Say goodbye to dry with Bliss Balm – and hello midwinter glow! Just enter the code WINTER21 at checkout and the discount will automatically be applied!

Secondly, we’re running a Winter Self-Care Challenge for 5 days up until the Solstice on June 21st! Sign up and join me for tips, practices and stories of how to embrace this time of long nights and slow cycles. Rest, recovery and reflection abound! Hope to see you all there!

In Loving Kindness,

Founder – Bliss Herbals

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